Anniversary #36 : Dan Allkins

Dan is one of the Co-founders and has owned his Anni since September 2011

Anniversary #73 : Rob Doxey

Rob is the other Co-founder and can normally be found repairing Anni seats!

Anniversary #393 : John Webb

Lowest mileage diesel Anni in the UK????

Anniversary #301 : Terry Tunstall

At most Show n shine comps every year!

Anniversary #148 : Natalie Hooton

A Stunning example of a cared for Anni

Anniversary #1001 : Chris Crowther

Stunning Black Anni with a lot of time taken to keep it in this amazing condition!

Anniversary #275 : Gordon Gray

The World Famous - White Wheeled Queen

Anniversary #1693 : Dave Collict

Stunning black Anni on air!!

Anniversary #995 : Rob Gllder

Awesome silver Anni!

Anniersary #626 : Martin Williams

One of our newest members.. stunning example of a well loved Anni


Our history

Welcome to the Golf GTI 25th Anniversary Owners Club.

The 25th Anniversary owners club is the brain child of Robert Doxey and Dan Allkins.  They met in 2012 at GTI International’s 25th Anniversary (funny eh?)  Both Rob and Dan were showing their cars on the the 25th Anniversary stand.

They kept in contact and back in September 2012 they decided there just wasn’t any club out there for 25th Anniversary owners.  Ok, you have your R32 owners club and numerous GTI and Golf clubs, but nothing for the 25th Anniversary, hence where we are today!

After numerous phone calls, emails Dan was set with the task of creating a website and forum.

Since the club has been up and running we have had a few shows, a few laughs, and now member discounts.

Recently we have had the reproduction of the original 25th Anniversary floor mats made and now for sale via the club.  We also have  stainless exhaust systems at a very very good price!

So enjoy your stay and enjoy the banter on the forum..

…oh, and don’t forget to submit your details to an UP TO DATE register!


…see you on the forum.  Dan and Rob

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