Celebrating 25 years

The 25th Anniversary GTI, released in 2002 to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the release of the original Mk1 GTI, has gone on to become one of the MK4’s most sought after models. Due in part to the limited production run of 1800 models, split evenly into 900 petrol and 900 diesel models, it has caused solid residuals and a good base of owners to be formed.

Only three colours were available when the car was produced; Relfex Silver, Tornado Red and Black Magic Pearl. The car was also only available a three door. Special edition seats, equipment and body kit made sure the Anniversary model stood out from the crowd.
18-inch BBS alloy wheels, Recaro sports seats and a great many more technical details which make this model yet another highlight in the history of the GTI.
With its new appearance, the special model Golf GTI is a real eye-opener. The modified bumpers at the front and rear, the large alloy wheels with 225/40 R18 tyres, the widened sills, the rear spoiler and rear apron all combine to give a sporty overall impression
25th Anniversary wheel 25th Anniversary engine 25th Anniversary seats Sill 25th Anniversary
A glance at the interior reveals aluminium-coloured sill panel trims, complete with GTI logo, and ergonomically shaped Recaro sports seats. These also bear the brilliant red GTI logo, as does the backrest of the split rear seat.
The instrument cluster consists of round dials with a modern, aluminium look – a large speedometer and rev counter and smaller coolant temperature and fuel gauges. The centre console and interior door handles are finished with decorative trims made of brushed aluminium. With their perforated leather and red stitching, the steering wheel, the handbrake and the gear lever gaiter all hark back to the original GTI of 1976, as does the gear lever knob in the design of a golf ball.
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